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Volver TRC-780 2-way Zigbee Remote Control

The TRC-780 remote control serves as a versatile primary controller for a whole host of commercial applications. For dimly lit environments like restaurants and presentation rooms, a vibrant OLED hard button interface makes the TRC-780 shine in more ways than one.

Total Control two-way RF remote control with text feedback

Installed with the MRX-10 network system controller, the TRC-780 provides powerful 2-way communication in addition to standard line of sight IR control for vast coverage of large warehouses and medical facilities. Universal Remote Control designed the TRC-780 with ease of use in mind having incorporated user adjustable parameters such as the ability to adjust volume levels and synchronize sources across multiple zones simultaneously. With off premises programming capabilities via the internet you can make system alterations or program entire configurations from the comfort of your office chair.

The aesthetically pleasing TRC-780 puts ease into total control of even the most complex business technological infrastructure.

Ideal Application

Sophisticated restaurant/lounge, Sports bars, training room/classroom, Medical offices.


MRX-10 network controller required for two-way RF control.


This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.