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Volver SONAMP 875D SE MKII 230V

The Sonamp 875D MKII utilizes four highly-efficient Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® digital amplifiers that provide 65 watts RMS per channel @ 8 ohms x 8 Channels in a 2U high package with very little heat generation. The Sonamp 875D MKII incorporates BBE sound enhancement, improving the sound quality of your music at lower listening levels. BBE also restores clarity and definition to spoken voices, which makes paging systems easier to understand without having to run them at high volumes.

Multiple audio input connections (Direct, L/R & Aux) and buffered line outputs make your 875D MKII extremely fl exible, so you can connect the amplifier in a variety of ways depending on your particular system’s configuration. Recessed front-panel controls are tamper-resistant and let you adjust each channel’s input level and each zone’s auto-on sensitivity. The 875D MKII’s RS-232 connection lets you use a variety of third-party serial control systems to control almost all of the 875D MKII’s functions, including mute, volume, on/off and BBE per zone or for the whole amp. It also lets you monitor the amplifier’s operation from a remote location. Each zone has its own 12V input and output triggers and defeatable auto-on signal sensing that help maximize power management for the channel configuration in use at any time.