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Volver PA-260 Professional Multi Purpose Amplifier

Artcoustic PA-260 Professional Multi Purpose Amplifier

Artcoustic has designed and engineered the PA-260 Professional Multi Purpose Amplifier. The PA-260 performs smoothly and accurately even in the most demanding conditions. The PA-260 is matched to all the Artcoustic loudspeakers’ impedance and tonality, making a perfect match with amazing detail, control and dynamics.

The PA-260 offers incredible 2 channel performance in a rack mountable chassis just 2U high. This together with it’s high performance and silent running dual fan speed cooling system means it is suitable for almost any application, from recording studios to commercial bars & restaurants, high quality hi-fi and home cinema systems. It features 2 mono blocks with a total of 260 watt 8ohm.

  • Código: PA 260
  • Especificaciones:

    Output power 20Hz-20KHz RMS program channel

    4 ohm: 180 WRMS

    8 ohm: 130 WRMS