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Volver AVO-A4-F Dual Stereo Analog Audio

The Intelix AVO-A4-F is an ultra-high performance audio balun designed for applications where audio quality is critical, such as high-end residential and broadcast. Used in pairs, the AVO-A4-F is the perfect solution for transmitting four channels of analog audio over structured cabling, such as Cat 5.

Simply place an AVO-A4-F at each end of your cable run and connect your source and destination devices.

Example System

Example System 1: Two AVO-A4-F baluns connect a remote CD player and a remote satellite audio feed to a receiver. The distance between these devices may be up to 2,500 feet. Three patch cords with RCA connectors are required to connect the baluns to the source and destination devices.

AVO-A4-F 1