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Volver LA, Lifting Arm

The TV Lifting Arm mechanism is truly one of a kind. Allowing a screen to be stored horizontally in a low level cabinet and then hinged up 90 degrees for viewing; a bi-directional swivel option is available if further functionality is required (LAS). The TV Lifting Arm is the only solution that allows low level chests or trunks to conceal large screens without the need for tall cabinetry. Ideal for end of bed applications or low level furniture – the Lifting Arm takes lift design to a new level.

  • Unique Design and Functionality
  • Near Silent Motor System
  • Full Cable Management
  • Programmable Swivel Options
  • Comprehensive Safety Switches
  • Código: LA
  • Características:

    Screen sizes: 26" to 42"

    Maximum weight: 45 kgs


    Can be made to a bespoke size or can be customised upon request.