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Volver Free-Standing Digital Media System with IR Control & RS-232 Control - FS-22

The FS-22 adds built-in RS232 input for two-way communication from audio/video control devices, allowing for viewing of video and music playlist data over a wide range of compatible control systems.

System Capabilities:

  • Allows the iPod™'s volume control to control the iPort system volume.
  • Compatible with most dockable iPod models including the iPod touch.
  • Delivers unbalanced audio up to 30 feet from the iPort.
  • Integrated RS-232 control enables two-way communication (including iPod program metadata) and control of the iPod/iPod touch via compatible control systems.
  • Allows iPort firmware upgrades (requires optional cable).
  • Delivers unbalanced component video, composite video, or S-Video up to 30 feet (9m) from the iPort. (Note: Video content only, not program metadata. Type of video output is iPod-dependent.)
  • Allows the iPod to be line-of-sight IR-controlled and remotely IR-controlled (remote IR control requires a compatible 3rd-party controller).
  • Charges the iPod/iPod touch (via the regulated power supply) while it is docked.
  • Connects to a computer, allowing the iPod to be updated via iTunes while it is docked (requires USB 2.0 cable, not included).

System Components:

  • iPort dock (with black color plate)
  • RS-232 extended control cable (RJ11 to female DB9, 2 meters)
  • Component video cable (3.5mm 4-pin to 3-RCA, 2 meters)
  • Audio cable (3.5mm stereo to 2-RCA, 2 meters)
  • Regulated global power supply with USA plug and international adaptors

System Upgrades: 

  • Optional Balanced Video Upgrade Kit (part number 70123) delivers video up to 250 feet (76m) from the iPort.
  • Optional Balanced Audio Upgrade Kit (part number 70122) delivers audio up to 500 feet (152m) from the iPort.
  • Optional 25' Audio/Video Cables (part number 70123) can be used to extend the distance from your audio/video source device to your amplifier.