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Volver Control Mount - CM-IW2000

The CM-IW2000 allows an Apple iPad to be used as an in-wall touch panel providing continuous charging of the iPad and allowing a connection to a locally available Wi-Fi network.

Supporting a variety of downloadable applications for home automation control and common applications such as weather, stocks and news; the CM-IW2000 provides the user with control of audio, video, lighting and climate on the mounted iPad when the control application is connected to a compatible control system.

The CM-IW2000 securely mounts the iPad into the wall with an attractive and discreet frame which is magnetically secured as a semi-permanent fixture.

Installed in a portrait or landscape orientation, the CM-IW2000 presents the iPad in a convenient and stylish manner.

For locations where a smaller-size touch screen is preferred, the iPort CM-IW100T and CM-IW200 are available for the Apple iPod touch as an in-wall touch screen control panel.