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Volver Multimedia solution

Waterfall’s incredible SERIO satellite loudspeaker is now available in a packaged configurations: of 2.1. The package is supplied with Waterfall’s stunning and dynamic HMF (High Force Multimedia) compact, active subwoofer, which boasts 3 class D Amplifier : 120 watts amplifier for the subwoofer and 2 X 60W amplifier for the Satellites . Full bodied and dynamic bass is delivered through a 7-inch bass driver.

Subwoofer settings are independent of each other. There is a phase and frequency adjustment for the subwoofer section and dual voltage offered also between (110/220 V) The package is ideally suited for use with any variable level source for home audio / desk top PC / MAC / NotePad / direct ipod use or for use with Sonos or other style systems.

  • Código: Multimedia solution