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Volver Spitfire 6-3 SL: Two-Way Line Array Precision Monitor

Two-Way Line Array Precision Monitor, with Vertical and Horizontal Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array

Artcoustic’s Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array is a ground breaking analogue in-house loudspeaker technology, which enables superior controlled directivity on both vertical and horizontal axis.

With Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array technology, it is possible to achieve very high sound pressure levels without the use of compression horn, very low distortion, very low power consumption and very flat frequency response, but still maintain the desired typical horn qualities, such as directivity and throw.

The SL range is very flexible with compact dimensions and incredible frequency response and very high volumes, it has qualities that make it a truly unique product range. The ultra slim and lightweight cabinet design makes this series of speakers easy to install into any existing Architecture without sacrificing the aesthetics or the all-important sound quality

  • Código: Spitfire 6-3 SL
  • Especificaciones:

    (6-3 SL) Operating Range 65 Hz (-3dB) to 40 kHz

    Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL) LF/MF-HF 98 dB Calculated

    Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL) Average Peak LF/MF-HF 115dB

    Weight 7.5 kg

    Dimensions H: 500 W: 350 D: 67 mm