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Volver Spitfire 180-43 SL Sub: Compact Powerful Dual Coupled Wall Hanging or Floorstanding Subwoofer

Dual Coupled Multi Purpose Professional Subwoofer

For the ultimate in low-frequency performance, the 180-43 SL subwoofer delivers awesome bass reproduction. It is one of the most dynamic, powerful and controlled subwoofers on the market, making it ideal for professional applications, such as recording and film studios, dedicated cinemas and fixed installations in general. This model changes the way subwoofers are perceived. Employing two 10" SL long-throw woofers, and the SL bass system to reproduce low frequency signals acurately and effortlessly, with high power handling and extremely low distortion, right down to 15Hz.

The 180-43 SL subwoofer is ideal for use in high-end installations where sound quality is paramount, such as mid-field to full-space studio monitoring, for privare cinema installations, and for commercial use in bars, restaurants and corporate presentation facilities.

  • Código: Spitfire 180-43 SL Sub
  • Especificaciones:

    Operating Range 15 Hz (-3dB) to 120 Hz

    Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL) 104 dB Calculated

    Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL) Average Peak 122 dB

    Weight 40 kg

    Dimensions H: 1800 W: 430 D: 153 mm