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Volver 40-30 SL Full Range Multi Room Speaker: Three-Way Multiroom Stereo or Mono Speaker

Three-Way Optional Stereo or Mono Multi Room Speaker

This multi purpose monitor shares many characteristics with the other models in the SL range. Maintaining Artcoustic’s clean contemporary design.

The ‘40-30 SL’ is a unique addition to the Artcoustic range. It serves as a superb alternative to ceiling speakers when specified as part of a multi-room ‘Crestron/AMX/Control4/Sonos’ type installation.

These loudspeakers are perfect for demanding applications such as swimming pools, kitchens, gyms, dining rooms, bedrooms etc. where a certain level of volume and quality is required but not at the expense of the aesthetics of the room.

Wired as a single mono configuration, the 40-30 SL is a highly sensitive speaker and is therefore capable of reproducing very high sound pressure levels from modest (40watt+) amplifiers.

  • Código: 40-30 SL
  • Especificaciones:

    Operating Range 40 Hz (-3dB) to 40 kHz

    Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL) LF/MF-HF 87 dB Calculated

    Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL) Average Peak LF/MF-HF 104dB

    Weight 7.1 kg

    Dimensions H: 400 W: 300 D: 67 mm