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Volver Control Mount - CM-IW100T

The CM-IW100T (CM100) allows an iPod touch® to be used for home automation control and music playback. Supporting a variety of downloadable applications for control of audio, video, lighting and climate as well as traditional touch screen applications such as weather and time, the CM100 may be installed in a vertical or horizontal manner, depending upon the desired use.

System Capabilities:

  • Allows Wi-Fi connection of the mounted iPod touch for downloading of Apps, audio content and certain upgrades.
  • Delivers unbalanced audio output via CAT5 connection up to 30 feet (9m) from the iPort to the audio wall plate.
  • Compatible with iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generation.
  • Charges the iPod touch while mounted.

System Components:

  • Mounting cradle assembly for semi-permanent fixture with magnetic bezel
  • Connector and charging board with RJ-45 jack
  • Audio wall plate
  • Power supply
  • Código: CM-IW100T
  • Características:

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.21in x 5.76in x 2.375in)

    Cut-Out Dimensions (W x H): 3.56in x 5.12in (90mm x 133mm)

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