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Volver 818 Reference Audio Core

818 Reference Audio Core seamlessly combines the multiple input capabilities of a high-performance pre-amplifier with a full suite of Meridian's proprietary resolution enhancement technologies, while connecting directly to Meridian’s unique range of DSP Loudspeakers via SpeakerLink. In addition to its extensive external source connectivity, 818 includes an internal digital source that can be connected via Ethernet to any Meridian Digital Media System.

Part of the acclaimed Meridian 800 Reference Series, 818 is the highest performance two-channel pre-amplifier and Sooloos end-point manufactured by Meridian. Forming the perfect centre for an incredible Meridian music system, 818 offers simple networked integration with any Meridian Digital Media System plus an array of other sources through high-performance analogue and digital inputs.

818 features twin SpeakerLink outputs for “home run” connection in an all-digital system with any of Meridian’s SpeakerLink-equipped DSP Loudspeakers, along with superb high-quality analogue pre-amplifier outputs via both balanced and single-ended connectors – enabling 818 to be used in more traditional audio systems.

In common with other members of the Meridian 800 Reference Series, 818 employs triple FIFO buffering along with a full suite of Meridian’s proprietary resolution enhancing DSP technologies, including apodising up-sampling of standard-rate digital inputs.

818 Reference Audio Core features a power supply design built around a true toroidal transformer for minimum noise and maximum signal integrity.

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