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Volver 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller

The 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller is the highest performance surround controller that we offerand forms the heart of the highest-performance Meridian Digital Theatre system.

As the Surround Controller in the Reference 800 Series, 861 is built on the 800 Series’ modular architecture, allowing additional features and connectivity to be added to a standard “core” via a series of additional card options.

The 861 V6 core includes: a digital output card with eight SpeakerLink outputs, for simple, single-wire connection to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers; a digital input card with six coaxial digital inputs (configurable as two multichannel SmartLink inputs), plus two Toslink optical inputs, one SpeakerLink input, and one MMHR Meridian Multichannel High Resolution input; an analogue input card with six stereo analogue inputs (phono) with 96/24 ADC, configurable as two multichannel analogue inputs.

Card options offering further input and output connectivity can be specified by the system designer, so that each 861 is made with a specification that matches your specific requirements.

Card options for the 861 V6 are an unbalanced analogue output card with four phono inputs and 192/24 DAC; a balanced analogue output card with four XLR-3M outputs driven by 192/24 DACs; a digital input card with four Toslink optical inputs and four SpeakerLink inputs; and the ID40 Sooloos Card, a Sooloos endpoint card with Ethernet port.

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