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Volver X-mask theatercurve

Screen Research's patented Reference X-Mask TheaterCurve screens provide the ultimate in home theater performance and experience. Fully variable motorized masking driven by independent motors allow the flexibility to place the perfect black border around any projected image, no matter what the ratio. The screen curve radius of every Screen Research TheaterCurve screen is individually optimized to ensure the best performance. A cinematic experience with improved perceived image depth and an attention to detail that eliminates image distortion.

  • Especificaciones:

    - Independent motors with ultra quiet mechanisms.

    - Precision masking systems with acoustically transparent masks.

    - Patented Pi-Grip™ fabric attachment system.

    - Handcrafted velour frame finish.

    - Standard flush-mount wall-brackets included.

    - Compatible with all ClearPix™, MultiPix™, and SolidPix™ screen fabrics.

    -Screen curve radius optimized for each screen size.

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