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Volver Core Control APP

The Meridian Core Control App brings the unique, intuitive Meridian touch-screen experience to the iPad, providing simple yet powerful control of any Meridian Digital Media system from a device that is portable enough to hold in your hand or rest on your lap while you enjoy the perfect choice of music from the comfort of your favourite seat. In conjunction with the Media Core 200, for example, it forms a perfect system - read the brochure.

Control from your armchair

The Meridian Core Control App is a free app for iPad that extends the Meridian touch-screen user experience to the iPad, providing a graphically rich, immersive experience when browsing and searching the content on your Meridian Digital Media System.

At the heart of the Meridian Core Control App for iPad is a series of screens that show you your music collection from a number of different directions, both graphical and text-based.

Cover Browser – arrange the graphical display of your music collection by Artist, by Import Date, by Release Date, by Play Count, or to show your favourite internet radio channels. The browser allows you to visualise your entire music library – an experience reminiscent of flicking through album covers, an experience that's far superior to trawling through lists.

Focus – This powerful navigation tool enables you to target how you view your collection. Focus on almost any criterion from album info, Genres, Composers and Credits, to Labels, Tags, Moods, and even 'forensic' detail such as quality, or when a track was last played. You can also recall previous saved Focus selections.

Meridian's unique and powerful Focus feature allows you to search your collection in a way that better mirrors how we think about our music – letting you find what you want to hear without needing to know exactly which album, track or artist you are looking for.

Swim – Accessible from any of the main display modes, Swim is Meridian's unique and intelligent function that continually and intuitively selects more tracks and adds them to your Play Queue.

Especially if we have a large library, we generally only listen to a tiny fraction of the music we have on hand. Swim helps you rediscover music you had forgotten – providing a truly inspiring experience as you enjoy again a long-lost musical memory.

Select and Edit modes – allow you to update frequently-accessed album details. You can also create and edit album 'sets' – groups of recordings that are related in some way.

This feature allows you to update and correct Genre and Tags while you listen – when the current piece is at the front of your mind.

Play Queue – offers a dynamic list of albums and tracks that you have chosen to play. From the Play Queue view of your Meridian Digital Media System you can manage the order in which your chosen tracks will play. Choose to reorder, remove, replay, loop or shuffle the contents of the Play Queue. You can even save a Play Queue as a Playlist, making it available to listen to again at any time.

Album Details – places the equivalent of traditional sleeve liner notes in the palm of your hand. Enjoy album artwork, see other related albums – even read online reviews. There is also track-level detail including play count, duration, and Track Pick/Skip status (selecting whether a track is a favourite or to be omitted when complete albums are played). Search – provides instant access to a powerful text-based search facility covering combinations of Album, Artist, and Track detail. Search is perfect when you know part of the information about what you want to listen to.

Transport and Volume Controls – elegant on-screen buttons give you immediate control over what you're listening to – how you listen to it – in any zone of a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, providing control of all Meridian Source devices.

Zone Selector – the App can control all the zones of your Digital Media System. Use the Zone Selector to choose your zone, link zones, and even transfer Play Queues between one zone and another. Start listening in the living room and take your chosen music with you as you move around the house.

Explore – browse your music collection in a more traditional, linear fashion, based on specific criteria. Choose to play either albums or individual tracks now, next, or by adding to the current Play Queue.

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