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Volver DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeaker

The Meridian DSP8000 is the ultimate expression of the art and science of loudspeaker design. Meridian’s flagship digital active loudspeaker sets completely new standards for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. It is one of few loudspeakers in the world that can accurately reproduce both the power and subtlety of a concert grand piano. Now with Meridian's innovative SpeakerLink for simple audio installation with Cat 5 cable.

The DSP8000 is designed to reproduce sounds at up to full natural level while providing all the resolution required by high-definition audio sources up to 24-bit. Such demanding dynamics required a new approach to cabinet construction and selection of advanced drive units. DSP8000 is constructed from the finest materials and all electronic parts are carefully chosen for sound quality. The result is beyond words – listen for yourself.

Meridian Select Bespoke Colours

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