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Volver DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeaker

The concept of the Digital Active DSP Loudspeaker, invented by Meridian over 15 years ago, is today well-proven as by far the most musically and dynamically accurate and effective way to approach sound reproduction. Meridian’s DSP7200 takes this technology to a new high. Sharing many of the features of the flagship DSP8000, the DSP7200 is suited to a wide range of environments including somewhat smaller spaces and a strong supporting role in Meridian Digital Theatre applications.

The DSP7200 features the latest internal electronics and software along with specialised drive units and power amplifiers. DSP7200 also includes the company’s new SpeakerLink input/output interfacing architecture, featuring balanced drive and RJ45 connectors for simplicity and elegance of installation via CAT-5 cabling.

In addition the DSP7200 features a new, proprietary, upsampling filter that makes CDs and DVD soundtracks sound better than ever – it is even capable of correcting faults in the original recording.

A DSP7200HC horizontal centre speaker is also available for home theatre applications.

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