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Volver DSP5200 Digital Active Loudspeaker

The DSP5200 is a powerful yet fairly compact (under a metre high) digital loudspeaker system that out-performs anything of its size, while its visual design and elegance remain second-to-none.Taking its cue from the flagship DSP8000, the DSP5200 distils its essence into a smaller package that is suitable not only for delivering superb sound where space is limited, but also more expansive environments, as well as being suitable as a side speaker, for example, in larger surround system.

The DSP5200 is available in a choice of black or white high gloss lacquer finishes. And the sound is, simply, remarkable.

DSP5200 is available in vertical format either as pairs, or as a vertical centre speaker for surround applications. A DSP5200HC horizontal centre version is also available for installation under a screen.The DSP5200 now includes Meridian's innovative SpeakerLink interface, which allows digital audio and Meridian Comms to be carried between components on a single, standard Cat 5 STP cable. In addition it features Meridian's innovative Apodising upsampling filter for improved audio quality from standard sample-rate sources, and improved DSP features.

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