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Volver DSW DSP

DSW is a powerful and dynamic subwoofer offering exceptional performance in a wide range of Meridian system applications.

Designed to complement Meridian’s Digital Active Loudspeakers, DSW – Meridian's first DSP-powered subwoofer – is an extremely powerful unit. It is ideal for use in a complete surround-sound configuration of DSP3200 or DSP3300 loudspeakers, for example, or to complement larger Meridian loudspeakers such as the DSP5200. DSW subwoofers can even be paired with DSP7200 loudspeakers where appropriate. It is ideal for use with a Meridian Surround Controller or in systems incorporating Audio Core 200.

DSW delivers the power needed to complement the bass response of Meridian Digital Active Loudspeakers, which already exhibit impressive bass extension, with a new high-power long-throw 12in driver and amplifier combination that delivers maximum performance under total DSP control, for full, impressive yet fully-integrated bass. Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity makes the DSW quick and easy to install.

DSW is ideal for the most bass-heavy music and the most powerful action movie soundtracks.