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Volver DMS-100 Single Zone Network Amplifier

The DMS-100 single-room amplifier makes it easy to add premium audio quality streams to any one area of your home.

Single zone add-on amplifier with streaming capabilities

Since all you need is a single CAT 5 cable to any zone, the DMS-100 is the perfect add-on for systems without home run speaker wires. Multiple DMS-100s can be installed along with a DMS-1200 as additional zones (up to 32 total) or you can install multiple DMS-100s standalone to create a customized multi-zone system. It’s the perfect scalable solution for commercial applications with open-ended expansion plans. It features a 50 watt per channel amplifier for one set of speakers and one preamp output for areas where more power is desired. One analog audio input is added with each DMS-100, which then streams uncompressed, CD quality audio to all other DMS-100 or DMS-1200 amplifiers via the network. This brings the total source input tally for the overall system up to 32 potential simultaneous streaming sources. Fully programmable off premises via the internet and MRX-10, very easily rack-mountable, the DMS-100 is the perfect no-hassle add-on amplifier solution for any size commercial application.

Add additional rooms of streaming audio with the DMS-100 single zone amplifier. From rest rooms to board rooms, no area is ever an afterthought.

Ideal Application

Boardrooms, hotels, sophisticated restaurant/lounge, training room/classroom, Medical offices.


For use with all Total Control network controllers. Two-way control with TRC-780 via MRX-10. Install with other DMS-100’s, DMS-1200’s, multiple SNP-1’s, MRX-10, PSX-2 and all future Total Control solutions.


This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.

  • Código: DMS-100
  • Especificaciones:

    50 watts per channel amplifier for speakers

    Preamp output for connection to local amp or receiver

    One (1) audio input streams to other Total Control amplifiers

    Scalable solution; install as additional zones with a DMS-1200 system, or install multiple DMS-100s to create customized multi-zone system

    Can be programmed off premises via the internet and MRX-10

    Easy rack-mounting via optional RMK-1 rack mount kit

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