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iPort, maker of the first in-wall music system for iPod, provides freedom from the constraints of headphones and miniaturized speaker systems. iPort is the first multiroom audio integration solution for iPod, making it possible to easily share music, videos, and photos throughout a home or commercial setting, and seamlessly integrating iPods and iPhones into virtually any entertainment system.

Patented iPort technology is suitable for a wide range of audio and audio-video system concepts, including highly customizable multiroom and whole-house layouts, multiroom AV receivers, single-room/zone connections, and more.

iPort is the innovation of Scott Struthers, co-founder of Sonance, developer of the first high fidelity in-wall speaker, and a founding member of CEDIA.

iPort is a registered trademark of Dana Innovations.


IPORT - Inwall

IPORT - Inwall (9)

iPort created the industry standard for playback and control of iPod content. iPort is the only iPod and iPod touch solution that works seamlessly with a wide variety of single...

IPORT - Launch Port

IPORT - Launch Port (3)

The LaunchPort system is a revolutionary way to mount and charge your iPad anywhere. The system consists of a Station and a Sleeve. Any Sleeve work with any Station...


The LaunchPort AP.3 Sleeve is a protective case that contours to fit the new iPad or iPad 2. You can effortlessly mount and charge your iPad on a wallstation.

The BaseStation allows you to mount your iPad 2 to a table top to use and charge. The induction mounting and charging node provides a connection point for a Sleeve.

The CM-IW100T (CM100) allows an iPod touch® to be used for home automation control and music playback. Supporting a variety of downloadable applications for control of audio, video, lighting and climate as well as traditional touch screen applications such as weather and time, the CM100 may be installed in a vertical or horizontal manner, depending upon the desired use.

Allows Wi-Fi connection of the mounted iPod touch for downloading of Apps, audio content and certain upgrades.

The CM-IW2000 allows an Apple iPad to be used as an in-wall touch panel providing continuous charging of the iPad and allowing a connection to a locally available Wi-Fi network.

The FS-22 adds built-in RS232 input for two-way communication from audio/video control devices, allowing for viewing of video and music playlist data over a wide range of compatible control systems.

The FS-21 provides standard audio and video connections as well as integrated IR, allowing control of the iPod via either a remote or IR input.

The FS-23 adds full on-screen functionality, allowing users to browse content, control playback, adjust volume, and customize iPod settings via an elegant and intuitive interface on TVs and home theater screens. The iPort remote control provides access to digital media from anywhere in the room.

The iPort IW-20 provides charging, local audio distribution, and direct control access.

The iPort IW-21 includes IR support, allowing control of the iPod via IR remote.

The iPort IW-22 adds integrated RS-232 for two-way communication from audio/video control devices, allowing for viewing of video and music playlist data over a wide range of compatible control systems.

The LaunchPort WallStation provides a home for your iPad 2 on the wall. It securely mounts and charges your iPad 2 using a LaunchPort Sleeve. The WallStation was designed so that anyone can install one in their home.