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MERIDIAN - Proyectores gama Cine Volver

MERIDIAN - Proyectores gama Cine

A superb range of digital video projectors and processors that delivers smooth, flicker-free, cinema-like performance from standard and high-def sources, displaying full-spec HD and now, with the 810 Reference Video System, going way, way beyond: up to 10 megapixels.


The 810 Reference Video System consists of two parts: a powerful 10 megapixel (4096 x 2400) Ultra High Definition projector, unique in the home theatre industry, and a powerful scaler featuring powerful technology that upscales SD and HD sources to this stunning level of resolution for a smooth, flicker-free, cinematic experience. Indeed, the 810 system surpasses even industry Digital Cinema specifications, delivering a level of picture quality that is virtually never experienced outside a film-studio's preview theatre

The MF10 offers superb, cinematic performance to full HD specification. Key to the outstanding performance of this projector, distancing it impressively from other units of this type, is the special calibration process developed by William Phelps, unique to Meridian, that allows access to individual colour lookup tables allowing far more precise calibration and thus dramatically enhanced imaging compared to off-the-shelf projectors.