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URC es el pionero en el control de sistemas residenciales a través de Tecnología. Fundado en Harrison, Nueva York, URC ha definido los estándares para controles de remotos universales con más de 100 millones de usuarios en el mundo.

Hoy URC produce sistemas de mandos de distancia universales de ultima tecnología para clientes particulares como comercial incluyendo algunos de las empresas de electrónica más reconocidos.

URC ha creado una reputación de entregar niveles de calidad excepcional, formación, fiabilidad y apoyo a sus clientes.



The MX-1200 boasts a 2.4" color LCD touch screen that can be fully personalized to your liking. Using one touch automation, your custom installation professional configures your system so that one single button press enables you to listen to music, watch TV, set a lighting scene, or any combination of events you can think of – MX-1200 guarantees complete system synchronization.

The waterproof MXW-920 remote control has the ability to operate equipment that is not in direct line-of-sight. It does this via RF communication to a URC base station – such as the MRF-260 or MRF-350. Although it's not intended for underwater use, its durable design enables it to withstand moisture thanks to a JIS Class 4 water resistance rating.

The MX-880Z offers the perfect solution for dynamic installations requiring multiple remotes for multiple users. When you are faced with a challenging environment where simultaneous control is necessary, the Zigbee RF technology employed in the MX-880Z prevents collisions during operation.

The elegant KP-900 is the easiest keypad you will ever install. No wires to pull—the KP-900 Keypad Remote is completely wireless. For the sheer flexibility of installation it presents, the KP-900 is your best choice for retrofit jobs.

The unique combination of color graphics and beautiful aesthetics make the MX-3000 the focal point of any conference room. Your clients need the customization of a graphic tablet, but want the tactile feel of hard buttons for commonly used commands. The MX-3000 is your best option.

Meet the MX-980, one of the most versatile remote controls that you will ever encounter. No matter what the application, the MX-980 offers an attractive, intuitive solution for your clients. All of the power and functionality of the URC’s class leading MX-3000 in a wand-style remote.

With its limitless capabilities, large color display and ever evolving feature set, the MX-6000 is the final word in complete control. The award winning MX-6000 marries the power of Wi-Fi networking and your audio video components without compromising functionality.

The ideal of all who behold it, the MX-5000 is smart, elegant and has a contour you won’t want to put down. Much more than a just another pretty interface, the MX-5000 revolutionizes touch screen operation with vibrating feedback that confirms button presses. The large, brilliant color LCD is intuitive and easy to use.

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