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Meridian Digital Media Systems can be controlled from the iPad, with our new, free Core Control App: iPhone and iPod Touch are also supported. Install the application and it will automatically connect to your system whenever you connect to the same network.

The Media Source 600 makes it simple to integrate Meridian Sooloos into any system, Meridian or otherwise, with the ultimate in audio performance. And it's the first product for the multi-award-winning Meridian Sooloos system to be designed and built completely by Meridian.

Meridian's Media Drive 600 is a complete storage solution for your Meridian Digital Media System, including twin front-loading drive bays configured for automatically-mirrored backup and maximum reliability. Up to 2TB storage for many thousands of CD albums in pristine lossless quality, with full integration into Meridian audio systems.

The award-winning Media Core 200 is a complete Meridian Digital Media System in a single, compact unit. just add your choice of controller – iPad, iPhone, computer, Control etc. Internal 500GB storage for about 1000 CD albums in full lossless quality. Full integration with Meridian audio systems. Extremely simple to connect & set up.

The powerful Media Core 600 includes twin hard disc storage enabling automated backup, plus six audio zones with SpeakerLink, digital and analogue outputs. A complete, scalable Meridian Digital Media solution in a single, rackmountable case, operated from any Meridian Digital Media System controller, it's ideal for larger systems.

Control 15 is a complete self-contained 1000-album-capacity touchscreen-controlled Sooloos system, as well as controlling and integrating fully with other components. It features S/PDIF Digital and Meridian Speakerlink audio outputs for connection to your audio system or Meridian DSP Active Loudspeakers.