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SCREEN RESEARCH - Pantallas Fijas



Screen Research -Pantallas fijas

Screen Research's fixed frame screen range provides a variety of options for installation, suitable for any number of situations.

The Integrator range allows the use of Screen Research fabrics in environments that do not require a finished frame. Available in two basic frame formats to suit a variety of custom installation applications.

Classic 2 and Supreme 3 fixed frames feature velour-covered frames to provide enhanced perceived image contrast ratio and cater for any projector over-scan. Supreme 3 frames featuring the new, patented E-Grip fabric attachment system and Classic 2 frames use the patented PI-Grip fabric attachment system. Screen Research Classic 2 and Supreme 3 fixed frames are available in both standard and TheaterCurve formats, for use with anamorphic projectors.




Catálogo de productos Screen Research 
  ClearPix™ Fabrics   Black Backing Layer
  MultiPix™ Fabrics   e-Grip constant Fabric Attachment System
  SolidPix™ Front Projection Fabrics   TFX™ Floating Tab-tensioning System
  Projection Fabrics for classic line   TailorMade Finish Options
  Motor Control Systems