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SCREEN RESEARCH - Pantallas Fijas con masking



Screen Research -Pantallas fijas con masking

Screen Research's fixed frame screens with masking offer a wide range of motorized image masking options allowing the perceived image contrast ratio to be maintained no matter what source material is used. Whether a TV broadcast in 16/9, a letterbox movie in 2.35:1, or a vintage film in 4/3 original aspect ratio, the screen's native ratio can be adjusted to maintain a constant black border around the projected image.

C-Mask screens offer a basic level of masking allowing switching between two fixed aspect ratios. Screen Research's Reference X-Mask screens permit a full range of variable masking options, catering for any image ratio from 1.33:1 to the Ben-Hur ratio of 2.76:1.

All screens specified with ClearPix2 fabric feature THX certified acoustically transparent masking as standard making the most of the audio experience at any image aspect ratio.




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